About How To Get Rid Of Acne Spots

How To Get Rid Of Acne Spots was started in mid 2011 by Rhys Morton and Gary Young. We both feel very strongly about the harmful effects and health implications using chemical based prescription medications and Over The Counter (OTC) products has on people, that are made by the profit driven big pharmaceutical companies.

The aim of the site is to provide you with information that will educate you on the benefits of opting for not only natural effective acne solutions, but natural products and treatments for a multitude of health related conditions.

Unfortunately, most of the acne products out there in the market place are not effective at getting rid of acne permanently. The idea is to make you and other people realise that you are not at the mercy of using horrible chemical based, acne prescription medications and Over The Counter (OTC) products that only deal with treating the symptom of acne, that also contain harmful ingredients that have some alarming side No to Acne Drugseffects and health implications to treat your skin condition or other health related issue.

There is a much more safer and far more effective way to treat acne that deals with the cause of your acne, that will “get rid of acne” for good.

We believe there is a distinct lack of honest reviews on acne treatment products, and feel that there is a biase towards medication creams, lotions and pills that contain harmful ingredients that can in fact aggravate acne conditions as well as giving some horrible side effects and long term health complications.

We are dedicated to providing quality information on the subject of Acne Treatment products.

Here you will find helpful reviews, informative information and tips and much more. This site is in the format of a ‘weblog’ so that each time we post new information, it will come to the top of the front page. This means that you can check back here frequently to see new updates to the information found here.

You can navigate through the site by using the menus at the top of the page. Also don’t hesitate to follow the links you see throughout each post to learn more about the product or products being spoken about.

We hope you find the information in the pages informative, valuable and above all else, helps you to make the move away from medication treatment drugs.

All the best
Rhys, Gary & the How To Get Rid Of Acne Spots Team