Known Accutane side effects could be the greatest failure in medical history

Accutane Side Effects Known Accutane side effects could be the greatest failure in medical historyThis is an interesting article and one we have covered before about the harmful side effects caused by the much controversial acne drug, Accutane, also known as Roaccutane, with its generic name known as Isotretinoin.


Accutane was touted as the miracle acne-fighter in 1982, but since then, thousands of individuals nationwide have sought the advice of an Accutane lawyer because of injuries related to use of the drug. Over the decades, patients have reported numerous alleged Accutane side effects, ranging from severe birth defects and Accutane Crohns disease to depression and suicide attempts.

The FDA has requested many Accutane label changes, although, as a plaintiff’s Accutane lawyer may argue, many of those warnings came too late for patients who suffered serious and sometimes life-threatening side effects, including Accutane Crohns disease.

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This is, to put it politely a disastrous drug which has caused many acne sufferers severe health complications and also death. every time I read or hear about this disgusting drug, it makes my blood boil that the medical and pharmaceutical make these drugs and prescribe them to patients. I just hope that people will start to realise that these money driven corporations are not in the cure business, they are in the money making business. Natural is the only safe effective way that can actually cure conditions.

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