What Are The Benefits & Risks Of Acne Medication Drugs?

Accutane Acne

Acne medication drugs1 What Are The Benefits & Risks Of Acne Medication Drugs?This article goes into the known benefits of using acne drugs and medications, but details the risks that also come with them that are not always disclosed by doctors and other skin specialist. In our opinion the risks far outweigh the benefits to using anything like this to treat any skin conditions, including acne. Do not underestimate the dangers of these drugs and medications!


The impact of severe acne on self-esteem shouldn’t be underestimated, especially by GPs who tend to see it as a minor complaint.

The huge psychological effect was sadly highlighted last week by the inquest into the suicide last year of 18-year-old Melissa Martin-Hughes, who was suffering from acne and taking Roaccutane, which has been linked to depression.

A drug used for severe cases of acne. It reduces sebum and acne-forming bacteria in the skin. It can be very useful in patients who have scarring, late onset acne and where other treatments have failed.

Treatment is often required for up to eight months and it must only be prescribed and monitored by a dermatologist. It is an effective but very toxic medication.

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We do sometimes wonder at How To Get Rid Of Acne Spots, whether there is ever going to be a time when such drugs will no onger exist, as people will opt for going natural, and will no longer be reliant on using harmful drugs to treat health conditions such as acne. Will people ever begin to realise the dangers and reasons why pharmaceutical companies produce these drugs and medications in the first place, we hope so, but what about you?

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