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Acne MedicationsAcne Medications

Acne medications are almost as varied as acne itself. Medications that are prescribed by a doctor or skin specialist and are available to purchase from any pharmacy or so called health care store which are known as ‘over the counter’ products, play no part in helping our overall health in the short term or indeed for the long term.

At How To Get Rid Of Acne Spots, we are not entirely adverse to the use of medication drugs, as they do have a place in saving lives, of those on emergency operating tables and for the initial treatment of serious injuries and life threatening conditions.

That said, we do have major issues and completely disagree with the use of medications on a short or long term basis to treat health ailments, conditions, viruses and other disease which pose no direct threat to ones life when they can be treated naturally.

Your body is an amazingly complex and advanced system that is there to aid off and protect you from all manner of conditions without needing the the help of pharmaceutical drugs. All it needs is some care, and the right mix of nutrients, minerals and vitamins to stave of health complications. We just need to trust is what our system is capable of and let nature do the rest.

Unfortunately, we live in a time where pharmaceutical companies and many GPs and doctors believe they can do better than Mother Nature at healing us of conditions, by creating medications and drugs.

The not so surprising thing is, that they do it all in the name of multi billion pounds purses. This may sound like some conspiracy theory, but don’t take our word for it, do your own research and discover for yourself the truth behind medication and ‘over the counter’ products and drugs.

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