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There has been a lot of discussion and debate over recent years about whether Accutane and its generic forms should be removed from the market completely or not because of the many known alarming reported side effects that it can cause. Today, the drug can still be purchased on the internet and are also available in capsule form without a brand name, i.e. as the generic medicine which is the main active ingredient of the drug.

Isotretinoin is generally taken orally for the purpose of reducing the bodies’ natural production of skin oil, known as sebum, which is one of the known symptoms of acne. The excess oil is caused due to the overactive sebaceous glands that produce the sebum oil to keep the skin moisturised.

Despite Accutanes demise in June 2009, and even though acne patients ceased using the drug to treat their acne years ago, they are still suffering atrocious side effects to this day.

It’s for this reason why there continues to be a growing pool of lawsuits to add to the already large number of over 3,200 lawsuits, by people who are looking to sue Hoffmann-La Roche Ltd for their continued suffering.

Even though the majority of the lawsuits being made are against La Roche, generic manufacturers of the drug are also seeing their fair share of lawsuits coming through, due to people switching when Roche patent protection was lost.

The highest award to date was in 2010 for $25.1 million to a man who was at the time of taking the drug in his twenties. He had been using Accutane for a period of 4 month, but later had to undergo five surgeries for IBD (inflammatory bowel disease) which ended in the removal of his colon. The cause of this was as a direct result of taking the Accutane drug.

There have been many reported side effects by those whom took the drug including Crohn’s disease, ulcerative colitis, birth defects, unintended weight loss, bleeding from the rectum, skin lesions, depression, self harming, suicidal thought and more.

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