Naturopathic Acne Treatments

Traditional Acne Treatments vs. Naturopathic Acne Treatments!

In this article you will read about the traditional treatments that are typically used to treat acne that are not so effective at helping to get rid of the acne or other skin conditions. It then goes in to detailing better methods that can be used to get rid of acne. Yes there is in fact a better way which will actually get rid of your acne once and for all.   I doubt anybody needs me to go into detail about what acne is. Unfortunately it strikes right when we’re most emotionally vulnerable (during adolescence), although some people struggle with it well into adult hood. Even more unfortunate, resistant cases are notoriously difficult to treat, because root causes can be so diverse and multifaceted. Causes: Certain drugs can cause acne, including steroids and certain birth control pills, among others. Hormone fluctuations are frequently the culprit as well, of course, hence the correlation with puberty. Deficiency in essential fatty acids (like O3 and O6) can contribute too, as can food sensitivities. (For more explanations, see Naturopathic Treatments, below.) Read the full article here   Naturopathic treatments are a much better and safer way to combat many types of skin conditions and not just acne alone. Cleaning and cleansing you whole internal system of toxins and improving your diet will get you on that path to becoming free of acne, eczema, urticaria, psoriasis or any other skin condition that you may have. Click To Read More »

Skin Nourishing Oils

12 Favourite Skin Nourishing Oils

This feature is going to give you a list of natural oils that you can use that will help with a variety of body locations including your face and skin. Applying natural oil such as coconut oil, almond oil which we love, is great for keeping the skin moisturised and supple as will also help with internal issues as the skin absorbs what you apply back into your body.     Rubbing oil on your face? Sounds like an invitation for disaster. But these natural, oil-based products have taught us that we have a misconception about the substance; we think we need to get rid of it, when in reality, the more you remove, the harder your skin works to replace it, thereby creating even more oiliness. (It’s an underminer like that.) “Like cures like, so a little bit of a healthy, plant-based oil on the skin helps the skin stay balanced,” Dr. Hauschka Skin Care CEO Mirran Raphaely told “The right amount signals to oil glands that they can stop producing. It may sound counter-intuitive, but once you try this method, you’ll never go back.” We hunted down the best nourishing oils on the market — for all areas of the body — and recommended our top picks: View the original article here   This is an interesting list of oils for the body including hair and nails besides skin. One oil I use that was surprisingly not listed is coconut oil which has a massive amount of health benefits and is great for keeping the skin looking healthy and supple. What do you think of the list and what oils do you use for your skin? Click To Read More »

Blood Cleansing Foods

5 Blood Cleansing Foods For Your Table

Get a list of foods that will help with cleansing your blood which will help with keeping system clear of toxins which will have a knock on effect with the quality and condition of your skin.   What happens to you when you go out in the pollution infested world? Your body gets oxidized and the impurities or free radicals this creates eventually finds it’s way into your blood because it is your blood that carries the waste of all the cells in your body. So cleansing your blood that is under onslaught of all these impurities should be your top priority. This can be done by certain specific detox foods that purify the blood. Cleansing your blood helps you in every way, be it the glow on your skin or the healthy appetite you enjoy. So even if you include half of the measures using detoxfoods mentioned here, you will see a much healthier you. View the original article here The list of foods is very helpful and will hopefully get you motivated to head for the shops and buying those items unless you already have them in your food cupboards. It’s really important to realise that food and eating healthy foods most of the time will really improve not only your skin but also your health. There is no need to use medication drugs and over the counter products to treat your skin condition when mother nature provides everything for us. Click To Read More »

Eat Your Water

Eat Your Water!

This article goes in to the importance of having enough water in your diet. Drinking water is great and has a lot of health benefits for the skin and internal system, but did you know you can also get it from the foods you eat? The feature also gives with some helpful food recommendations that you can eat to supply water in to your body.     We have all heard hundred of times that we should drink eight, 8 oz glasses of water per day to maintain an optimal level of hydration. Yet there is little scientific evidence for this advice and that for most people, more water just means more trips to the bathroom! Not only is this a waste of time, and water, the constant flushing of water through your body can mean a loss of vital minerals as well. “Eat your water and you won’t need to count your glasses,” said Howard Murad, M.D., Associate Clinical Professor of Medicine at UCLA and founder of Murad Inc. “If you replace at least one glass of water a day with one serving of raw fruits or vegetables, you will be able to stay hydrated significantly longer.” View the original article here   Do underestimate the importance of water consumption. My opinion is that having a combination of drinking water and also food supplied water is a great combination, to ensure you are replacing nutrients and minerals back in to your body that drinking water can flush out. Click To Read More »

Eating For Healthy Skin

Eating For Healthy Skin Is Not As Ridiculous As You May Think!

This is not some far out claim, that is based on poor foundations and is just another marketing ploy based on nothing but hype. The foods you eat and consume can have a direct impact on the quality of your skin and can also really help to eliminate acne and other skin conditions. This short article reveals some foods that can really do the trick.     Today’s Good Health is about feeding your face for healthy skin. Hy-Vee dieticians tell us there are several foods you can eat for more healthy, vibrant skin. Those include: berries, green tea, and fish. Dietician Cathy Jo Tooley explains which type of fish is best. “Any kind of fish is good, but salmon has omega three fatty acids. Omega three fatty acids help you retain water and lead to softer, wrinkle free skin,” said Tooley. View the original article here   This is something we keep on informing our readers about. The foods you eat have a direct impact on your skin and how healthy your skin looks and feels. As we have stated many times, the condition of your skin is a direct reflection of what is happening on the inside.  The healthier your body is on the inside the healthier your skin will look and glow. So getting eating all the healthy and right foods for that glowing and sexy complexion.   Click To Read More »

Natural Approaches For Skin

Natural Approaches For Skin – Acne, Eczema and Psoriasis

This feature gives some simple tips on how to clear your system that will directly impact on your skin appearance and condition. As we keep saying, acne, eczema, psoriasis or any other skin condition are the result of  internal issues that need addressing.   Many people struggle with these common skin conditions. When it comes to acne, psoriasis and eczema, as a Naturopathic Doctor and Acupuncturist, I often see that underlying imbalances in the body contribute to skin issues. Frequently I find that skin complaints are related to the body’s impaired detoxification ability, hormonal imbalances, inappropriate immune responses or digestive disorders. Here are some of the tips and recommendations that I have found to be the most helpful for people dealing with skin issues. Get all the tip right  here   There is some great information contained in this feature, and information that will really help with your skin condition, even if it is severe. Have you used any of these yourself? If you have then please tell us more about it and how it helped you.   Click To Read More »

Get Rid Of Acne

Experts Tell You How To Get Rid Of Acne – But Are They Right?

How to Naturally get rid of Acne for Good Here is another article which shares some home made natural remedies for face acne. They also go into details about chemical peels and what they can do. We are not big supporters of chemical peels as all types of acne and severity can be treated naturally, provided you treat your acne from inside out. As you know, acne is an internal condition, treating only the symptoms is not enough to get rid of acne If pimples and acne scars on the face are bothering you, try putting some garlic juice or a mud pack. Or if you are game for medical help, laser treatment and chemical peels are an alternative, say dermatologists. The acne problem usually starts around the age of 10-13. Though many get rid of it by their 20s, for some it lingers. ”In teenagers, there are two things that trigger acne problem. First is hormonal changes in their body. In boys, it is the increased secretion of testosterone and in girls, the levels of both testosterone and oestrogen rises,” Chytra V. Anand, cosmetic dermatologist, Kosmoderma Clinics, Bangalore, told IANS. ”Due to these hormones the oil secretion in the body increases and the skin becomes oily and more prone to acne and breakouts. The other trigger for acne is bacterial infection,” she added. View the original article here Although this article states that medical treatments are better than natural treatments, evidence keeps proving the opposite. More people have become acne free by adopting natural methods and targeting the actual cause which is always internal, than those who have used medication drugs which only treat the symptom. As soon as people stop taking the medications or over the counter products, the acne returns and sometimes worse than before. Do not believe everything so called experts claim. Click To Read More »