Salicylic Acid Causes Birth Defects

Salicylic acid causes birth defects in pregnant women

Salicylic acid is a used as a treatment for acne. This article details the potential danger and side effects that pregnant women could encounter if they were to use salicylic acid to treat acne and also retinoids found in anti-ageing creams. Read on to discover the disturbing details.   Salicylic acids are used to treat acne, but high quantities in its oral form can possibly cause birth defects and pregnancy complications. Yet, [...]

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Water Helps With Dry Skin

Can using nothing but natural water help with dry skin?

The wonderful powers of water are doing it again with helping dry skin and helping to keep the skin moisturised. This article goes in to more detail about this underrated natural source for treating skin conditions.   In a recent interview, eye health and water advocate Sharon Kleyne encouraged the medical and pharmaceutical communities to pay more attention to the frequently overlooked wisdom that natural water is essential to health and healing [...]

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Thyme More Effective Than Benzoyl Peroxide

It’s Official, thyme more effective than benzoyl peroxide in the treatment of acne

This is yet more proof that using the natural herb thyme, is more effective at killing the acne bacteria then using benzoyl peroxide. There is growing evidence to prove that natural treatments are the kingpin at getting rid of acne for good.   A recent study carried out by researchers at Leeds University suggests that thyme may have a greater antibacterial effect than standard concentrations of benzoyl peroxide in the treatment [...]

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Acne Medications Are Not Effective

Why acne medications are not effective at getting rid of acne

This is a great article which goes in to dealing with acne on the inside. There are many things that can cause internal imbalances that trigger an acne outbreak. This article shares some of those issues and what you can do to deal with them.   In the past year, I’ve talked to more than a handful of people who have experienced acne at some point in their life and have [...]

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Accutane Side Effects

Known Accutane side effects could be the greatest failure in medical history

This is an interesting article and one we have covered before about the harmful side effects caused by the much controversial acne drug, Accutane, also known as Roaccutane, with its generic name known as Isotretinoin.   Accutane was touted as the miracle acne-fighter in 1982, but since then, thousands of individuals nationwide have sought the advice of an Accutane lawyer because of injuries related to use of the drug. Over [...]

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