OK, but what about real people, Are THEY getting results?

Acne No More Results Acne No More ReviewThrough our research we found many people who have been using the system and have given a snippet of their own review which you can see below –

“Here is the amazing thing, this trick in Acne No More started working immediately! I used that, plus a few other tricks and have cured most of my acne in a week!” Mary Smith – Finland

In two months, our skin was clear and we have not had an outbreak since.
People should try Acne No More if they are sick of dealing with acne and want a clear complexion.”
Sandra Jacobs – UK

“I am still amazed at how effective and simple this treatment is!” Timothy Barnes – Colorado US

“My skin is remarkably soft and radiant. So, thank you. After more than 3 years of frustration and agony, your book was the last piece of the puzzle. This change is something you feel right to the core of your being. THANK YOU, I feel so much better.” Lisa Wayne – London UK

As we remain impartial to our reviews on acne products, we do like to get a mix of opinions from users who invested in buying Acne No More. That said, we did find it hard to locate someone who hadn’t got something positive from using the plan. There were some who found it hard to make the changes to thier diet and follow the plan and some who were hoping to get more than they had from following Acne No More, but none the less, openly stated that their skin did in fact improve none the less.

We also found that those who were hoping to get more from using Acne No More, did in fact deviate from the plan and not stick to the diet changes Mike instructs. It just goes to show that even if you go off track whilst following the Acne No More System, you will still see positive results.


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