How To Get Rid Of Acne Spots Review Acne Treatments Reviews - Honest Acne Treatment reviews Tue, 20 Mar 2012 13:29:19 +0000 en hourly 1 The Top Foods and Nutrients for the Skin, Hair and Nails /nutrients-for-the-skin/ /nutrients-for-the-skin/#comments Tue, 20 Mar 2012 14:08:54 +0000 Rhys Morton, Site Editor /?p=1444 nutrients for the skin The Top Foods and Nutrients for the Skin, Hair and NailsThis short and brief article goes into the top 5 foods and nutrients for the skin, hair and nails. It also dicusses the Mediterranean diet that is an anti-inflammatory diet that helps with the condition of your skin, hair and nails also. Even though this list of foods is not exhaustive for skin health, it’s still a good starting point. You can also watch a short video all about it.

Hair, skin and nails are mostly proteins – keratin, collagen and elastin. People wash their hair in everything from olive oil to detergent, while using honey, avocado, rosemary, rose hips in skin moisturisers.

A key component overall is the Mediterranean Diet. The key reason this is important for better skin, hair and nails is that it is an anti-inflammatory diet. It emphasizes an abundance of fruits, vegetables, whole grains, pasta, beans, nuts and seeds.

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The video is quite intersting when it talks about hyaluronic acid which is found in the skin of fish which is also great for connective tissue and skin elasticity. The more information you have about ways to improve your skin, the better. Healthy on the inside means healthy on the outside. What do you think?

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Best Acne Products – Choose The Best Body Wash /bestacneproductsbodywash/ /bestacneproductsbodywash/#comments Mon, 19 Mar 2012 00:54:54 +0000 Rhys Morton, Site Editor /?p=1086 Choose Best Acne Product Best Acne Products   Choose The Best Body WashGrandfather clocks? We have no idea why this article makes reference to grandfather clocks but the advice about finding a good and natural acne body wash is good. There is no need to try every single product before you find one that works. Here you will find

best acne products



Millions of people suffer with acne, but with

best acne treatments

(body wash), it can be treatable. The main problem with acne is that it can spread throughout the body so easily, especially to the back and the chest. It is also known to spread to other parts of the body like the legs, arms, and sometimes even the genital areas. Trying to cover them won’t help the problem; in fact it could actually make the problem a lot worse. Sweat and synthetic fabrics can irritate the body pores and clog the surface.
Acne body wash is an effective way to treat body acne. Most of the

acne products

that you find will contain salicylic acid which will help clear up the skin and also moisturizes it. A lot of these products are very affordable, and can be even found in regular stores. Some body acne washes are expensive though, costing up to $100 per kit.
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We know that it can be difficult in shifting your mindset from using acne medications to going all out natural. After all we have been programmed into thinking that medications are the only way. But keep this in mind, medications contain natural ingredients. Does this surprise you?

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skin conditions
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Experts Tell You How To Get Rid Of Acne – But Are They Right? /get-rid-of-acne/ /get-rid-of-acne/#comments Sun, 18 Mar 2012 12:49:46 +0000 Rhys Morton, Site Editor /?p=1649 get rid of acne Experts Tell You How To Get Rid Of Acne   But Are They Right?Here is another article which shares some home made natural remedies for face acne. They also go into details about chemical peels and what they can do. We are not big supporters of chemical peels as all types of acne and severity can be treated naturally, provided you treat your acne from inside out. As you know, acne is an internal condition, treating only the symptoms is not enough to get rid of acne

If pimples and acne scars on the face are bothering you, try putting some garlic juice or a mud pack. Or if you are game for medical help, laser treatment and chemical peels are an alternative, say dermatologists. The acne problem usually starts around the age of 10-13. Though many get rid of it by their 20s, for some it lingers. ”In teenagers, there are two things that trigger acne problem.

First is hormonal changes in their body. In boys, it is the increased secretion of testosterone and in girls, the levels of both testosterone and oestrogen rises,” Chytra V. Anand, cosmetic dermatologist, Kosmoderma Clinics, Bangalore, told IANS. ”Due to these hormones the oil secretion in the body increases and the skin becomes oily and more prone to acne and breakouts. The other trigger for acne is bacterial infection,” she added.

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Although this article states that medical treatments are better than natural treatments, evidence keeps proving the opposite. More people have become acne free by adopting natural methods and targeting the actual cause which is always internal, than those who have used medication drugs which only treat the symptom. As soon as people stop taking the medications or over the counter products, the acne returns and sometimes worse than before. Do not believe everything so called experts claim.

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Myths About Causes of Acne /myths-about-causes-of-acne/ /myths-about-causes-of-acne/#comments Sat, 17 Mar 2012 10:30:59 +0000 Rhys Morton, Site Editor /?p=101 Myths About Causes of Acne1 Myths About Causes of AcneThere is a lot of poor and inaccurate information on the internet about causes of acne and so called myths. Did you know that many people often hold several beliefs about the causes of acne that are completely false? Maybe you are one of those who for instance believe that acne is hereditary! However, you are not alone and as a matter of fact, there are many people who think the same as you.

Many people have been totally misled about the causes of acne. Here are some of the false beliefs that people hold in regard to the causes of acne.

Myth 1: Acne is Hereditary and is passed from parents to children.

It may be true that your parents once suffered from acne many years back when they were young. It may even be true that your grandparents too suffered acne infections during their time. However, that is not the reason as to why you are suffering from acne. Medical research has proven that acne attack is in no way hereditary along family lines. Furthermore, the severity with which your parents suffered and the type of acne infection they had will most likely be different from yours. However, even if it were the same, it does not mean that you have inherited acne ‘genes’ from them.

Myth 2:  Acne results from food.

Have you ever heard a parent telling his teenager child to avoid eating some foodstuffs such as fried, junk foods and fast foods? It is true that these foodstuffs are not the most healthiest for you but with regards to foods causing acne or not, there simply needs to be more research carried out as there is evidence for against this theory.

It is a strong belief that certain foods can cause acne. Food may cause other infections inside the body but are not directly linked to causing acne as such.  Despite this, there have been several researches that tend to indicate that milk, cheese and chocolate will aggravate your acne conditions though these researches and their findings were not extensively analysed and have yet to be established.

The bacteria which is the main culprit for acne breakouts is the Propionibacteria acnes. These bacterias are found in the follicles of most skin pores.  At Acne Treatments Reviews, we feel there is evidence that shows a link between certain foods and acne, however, there is room for debate on this subject and one that could be discussed at length. There is a lot of conflicting information surrounding this subject but suffice it to say that there are other known factors to the acne infection.

We feel the evidence and experiences of actual people with acne, carries more weight that scientific experiments. We have seen many cases where people have seen dramatic improvements with their acne skin conditions when they remove certain foods from their diet. Needless to say that we at Acne Treatments Reviews will be covering this in greater detail. We feel it is premature to say diet and acne are, or are not, related, until there is greater evidence to support these claims.

Myth 3: Dirt Causes Acne

Those who have often lost their self esteem due to acne is due to other peoples’ perception of them as dirty. Some people also think that blackheads are caused by dirt build up and sweat which as we know, is not the case. The dark blackhead colour is not dirt, but actually natural skin oil and dead skin cells that have reacted and oxidized when they become exposed to air.

People need to exercise some common sense here, because although dirt does not directly cause acne, dirt and grime can and do block the pores of the skin which in fact does cause acne. So the fact is, if you do not wash your dirty skin, acne can occur. I don’t know about you, but we think that there is evidence to prove that if you do not wash your skin, acne can occur. There has been a whole industry created on selling products to clean your skin to prevent acne. Just look at the next paragraph to prove this.

When your skin functions properly, the dead skins cells are naturally shed revealing the newer skin. With acne-prone skin, the dead skin cells do not shed like normal skin function and remain on the surface. What this actually does is create a clog within the hair follicle which then causes an inflamed acne blemish and even a blackhead.

Myth 4: Stress does not cause Acne

Stress does not cause acne in any way, Stress linked to causing acne… we are as confused as you on this one, but hopefully we can shed some light in answering this one to give you some clarity.

There has been plenty of research carried out with evidence to prove that stress and any undue emotional and physical strain do infact aggravate acne.

Some examples of emotional stresses:

  • Anxiety caused by major life changes or big events such as a house move, wedding and even holiday.
  • Problems in relationships and financial problems
  • Student exams
  • Bullying
  • Redundancy or work related issues like work overload

Some examples of physical stresses:

  • Demanding training regime or schedule without frequent rests
  • Lack of sleep
  • Hectic lifestyles causing tension and shallow breathing

Exercise is a good way to reduce stress so long as you are not going at it like a madman, this will get your heart rate working and delivering oxygen to the brain which results in a lower stress response. Also take time to relax and unwind with maybe some meditation and do some deep breathing exercises.

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Acne No More – The Shocking Truth /acne-no-more/ /acne-no-more/#comments Fri, 16 Mar 2012 16:41:08 +0000 Rhys Morton, Site Editor /?p=1424 acne no more Acne No More   The Shocking Truth This acne no more site gives some great information about acne, the causes, ways to naturally treat acne and the effects of harmful medications. The information contained can be very useful in getting rid of acne and any other type of skin condition.


Are you struggling to get rid of acne? Are you frustrated for not being able to eliminate your acne or control your breakouts despite all your efforts?

If you answered yes, then let me tell you that I know exactly how you feel, because I personally had gone through the same experience years ago.

I have battled with my severe acne for more than a decade until I have finally found a cure, got rid of it permanently and helped thousands of people worldwide to achieve permanent clear skin.  You’re about to discover what might be the most powerful acne system ever developed. It’s the same system thousands of people, just like you, used to permanently cure their acne and achieve flawless clear skin.

Visit the site and watch the video


It is great to see and hear so many people who have had great success following this acne treatment plan which is 100% totally natural.      Their claims that you can be acne free in 30 – 60 days sounds realistic provided you follow the recommended plan. Have you used this product before?

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Natural Acne Treatment Using Baking Powder /natural-acne-treatment-using-baking-powder/ /natural-acne-treatment-using-baking-powder/#comments Thu, 15 Mar 2012 12:07:39 +0000 Rhys Morton, Site Editor /?p=412 Baking Soda Acne Cream Natural Acne Treatment Using Baking PowderThere is a huge and growing number of us who are faced with a dilema and a realisation, that drug companies and doctors do not and cannot provide a lasting solutions for many health conditions including

best acne treatment


This is because most of their solutions have not helped reduce the acne problem. As a matter of fact, some people have often complained that their problem increased with taking acne medications and other acne products.

As medical treatment becomes expensive and ineffective, more and more people are walking away and now turning to natural and

best acne treatments


It is for this reason that some people often opt for Baking Soda Acne Cream as the means to treating Acne.

An Acne condition can either be serious or mild and this will determine in a big way the duration of time that natural treatments such as baking powder will take to clear off your acne. However, the effectiveness of any

best natural acne treatments

depends not only on the type of acne you are suffering from but also on the nature of your skin.

Baking soda acne cream is a homemade solution to treating the acne infections. The reason as to why it is often preferred by many is because it is cheap and easy to make and also very effective.

Baking soda acne cream needs only a few ingredients with the main ingredient being baking powder itself, honey, apple and cucumber. When the ingredients are combined, they give a powerful and effective homemade acne cream that has often been used by thousands of acne sufferers globally.

When you have made your home made baking soda acne cream, what will be left will be its application. What you need to know is that it is applied in the acne infected areas at least once a day preferably when going to bed at night. Ensure that you wash your face with warm water and clean with a clean face towel before applying the cream. In the morning, again wash it off from the face using warm water and a non oil soap detergent.

Many people who have previously used this cream will tell you that it works and it clears acne infections after several weeks of application. However, the process is unique in every acne sufferer and may take less time depending on an individual’s skin structure and the intensity of his acne condition. Should you have the choice to choose between the home made acne cream and medications, I would advice that you choose this cream because unlike medications, the baking soda acne cream has no known negative side effects.

How To Prepare Baking Soda Acne Cream

It will be good to know not only how to use the baking soda acne cream but also how to prepare the said cream for the purposes of personal home treatment. Even before I get there, I must tell you that anybody has the ability to make this cream apart from small children who perhaps still don’t know how to do things on their own.

The process of making the baking soda acne cream is simple and will not take much of your time provided you have the proper ingredients. The ingredients are;

Filtered water




Baking Powder

You should also have with you two mixing bowls that you will use while mixing the ingredients. The following are the five simple steps to follow in order to come up with the homemade baking powder acne cream:

Take the first bowl and using a teaspoon, pour two teaspoons of filtered water and one teaspoon of baking powder into it. Mix the water and baking powder well until they have completely integrated. Should you notice that the contortion is too thick, add more water and should it be too liquid, add more baking powder. You should come up with a mixture that is neither think nor liquid.

The next step you have to take is to cut a reasonably small portion of the apple and place in the second bowl. Mash the pieces gently but properly until they form a paste that has no big portions of the apple’s pieces. After doing this, mix your paste of the apple with the contents of the first bowl i.e baking powder mixed with water.

After mixing the apple and baking powder, the next step you will take will be to grind your cucumber and add it to the previous mixture. Ensure that you take your time and mix the three properly until they are all properly integrated.

Take the honey and scoop one teaspoonful of it. Add the teaspoon into the mixture and again, stir the mixture well.

The final step is to place your mixture into a refrigerator for about two hours before removing it. As such, your cream will be ready for use.

This is just a step by step way of how you can make a small amount of baking soda cream.

However, if you feel you need more than this, you can always used larger quantities of the ingredients. Even as you make this cream, ensure that you maintain the proportion of the ingredients in the mixture so as to maintain its effectiveness. Remember that the ingredients in the baking soda acne cream often work together and not as well on their own.

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Stress Relief – Learn To Deal With Life’s Stresses For Improved Skin and Quality Of Life /stress-relief/ /stress-relief/#comments Wed, 14 Mar 2012 14:43:05 +0000 Rhys Morton, Site Editor /?p=1334 stress relief Stress Relief   Learn To Deal With Lifes Stresses For Improved Skin and Quality Of LifeWe all need a little stress relief, there is no denying it. Dealing with stress which is a major cause of acne, can help to reduce and even get rid of your acne, especially if your condition is a direct result of stress. This article will show you ways on how to relax more and destress your life.

Anything and everything that happens to us over the course of a day can be a stressor. Something as simple as your stomach grumbling that it is time to eat can be a stressor, though one we handle in a healthy way by eating.

Generally, if we think we have the skills to deal with a situation, we don’t even label it as a stressor. This is why we are rarely stressed by tasks we enjoy doing, even if we are under a tight deadline.

It is this stress that wears us down and can lead to both physical and mental health issues.

Get relaxed and read the full feature here


I don’t know about you but I was feeling more relaxed just reading this article. We particularly liked the piece about breathing techniques, as we know this is a major help, not only for relaxing,  but also for aiding in improving your digestion process which in turn also improves the condition of your skin. Did you find the stress relieving tips useful, but more importantly will you use them?

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Acne, Eczema and Psoriasis Can Be Cured. FACT! /acne-eczema-and-psoriasis-can-be-cured/ /acne-eczema-and-psoriasis-can-be-cured/#comments Tue, 13 Mar 2012 18:07:25 +0000 Rhys Morton, Site Editor /?p=1593 acne eczema and psoriasis can be cured Acne, Eczema and Psoriasis Can Be Cured. FACT!This is a great article like many on our site that gives useful and practical tips and recommendations to help treat a variety of skin conditions naturally.


Many people struggle with these common skin conditions. When it comes to acne, psoriasis and eczema, as a Naturopathic Doctor and Acupuncturist, I often see that underlying imbalances in the body contribute to skin issues. Frequently I find that skin complaints are related to the body’s impaired detoxification ability, hormonal imbalances, inappropriate immune responses or digestive disorders.

Here are some of the tips and recommendations that I have found to be the most helpful for people dealing with skin issues.

• First is to tidy up the diet: Limit sugar, sweets and alcohol. Avoid fried foods. Eat plenty of organic vegetables and fruit, along with sufficient, healthy protein and whole grains. The old saying of “you are what you eat” (…and it shows) applies here.

View the original article here


The good thing about this article is that gives some great tips and advice on what you can do to treat your skin condition. The not so surprising thing to see coming up frequently, was detoxification of the body, which is a major cause of skin conditions and not just acne.

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5 Effective Face Masks For Whiteheads /5-effective-face-masks-for-whiteheads/ /5-effective-face-masks-for-whiteheads/#comments Mon, 12 Mar 2012 20:50:54 +0000 Rhys Morton, Site Editor /?p=1084

Wow… this is great, there are so many natural acne treatments out there and it’s a great feeling to be able to share with you ways you become acne free without using harmful medications. Here you will find 5 natural whitehead treatments that you can make and use at home that have been shown to be very effective.

Whiteheads are common skin problems for oily and combination skin. They generally occur due to unhealthy food habits and bad skin care. Green tea and hibiscus tea can internally take care of skin acne but externally there are a few effective face masks particularly prepared to get rid of whiteheads. Take a look.

It is important to know that whiteheads are not pimples and are even more dangerous acne forms. The sebum (oily substance) clogged in the pores contains bacteria which when squeezed spreads on face and causes reddish scar.

Cleansing and exfoliating face daily will help to get rid of whiteheads. Even at home face masks can be prepared and applied daily.

View the original article here

Remember that not all natural acne treatments will work the same on everyone, we are all different. The idea is to try a few and find out which one works for you. You have to have a little patience and perseverance in finding the best one for you. Let us know how you get on and tell us which one worked best for you.

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Causes of Adult Acne /causes-of-adult-acne/ /causes-of-adult-acne/#comments Sun, 11 Mar 2012 10:17:09 +0000 Rhys Morton, Site Editor /?p=174 Causes of Adult Acne1 Causes of Adult Acne Did you know that acne among adults may be more common than you are imagining? For sure, according to research, over twenty five percent of adult males and fifty percent of adult females have been affected by adult acnes! Worse still, over a third of the adults whose faces have been affected by acnes also have their bodies too affected by acnes.

In the world today, there is an increase in the number of adults who get infected with acnes than there were in the previous aged. One thing that is clear about adult acne is that it lasts longer and takes years to treat. For instance, a person who develops acne  aged thirty five may be treated well past their fortieth birthday without any signs improvement.

Adult acne is often difficult to cope with especially among ladies. This is because unlike men, ladies are often more concerned with how other people view them and how others take them. Therefore, even to a adult woman, acne can have devastating effects on her social lifestyle. The condition can also cause a lot of frustrations and embarrassments among adults as it has always been associated with puberty and teenage years.

What are the causes of adult acne, well, unlike teenagers who suffer from acne due to hormonal changes in their bodies, acne in adults is difficult to quantify to a specific cause, with food, stress, medication drugs being known suspects. However, it has been attributed to several factors the first of these being cosmetics.

Cosmetics products can cause acne due to the fact that they block the skin pores. When the pores become blocked, it provides an ideal environment for the acne to develop. The only way to prevent acne when using cosmetics is to use cosmetics that have water based elements in their compositions, so its best to avoid oil based cosmetics.

Another primary aggravating factor leading to adult acne is believed to be chronic stress which triggeres stress hormones causing an imbalance. This is allegedly a myth, but there is glaring evidence to prove that acne can be stress related. However, there are those who believe that adults too experience such imbalances as they age.  Women are more affected by hormones as they often go through premenstrual flares every month. Sometimes, medical experts say that as one grows old, their immune system weakens, therefore enabling bacteria to cause acne more easily.

Just like all the other believed causes, this is yet to be justified. One thing that is clear though, adults also get acnes and in the recent past, many have been prone to acnes like never before. Luckily, there are known effective natural acne treatments that have been effective at helping adult acne sufferers

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How To Stop Oily Skin – 5 Remedies That Will Help /how-to-stop-oily-skin/ /how-to-stop-oily-skin/#comments Sat, 10 Mar 2012 22:32:46 +0000 Rhys Morton, Site Editor /?p=1647 how to stop oily skin How To Stop Oily Skin   5 Remedies That Will HelpAlthough your skin produced oil naturally through your pores that help to keep your skin moisturised, sometimes for people the skin can produce too much. Here are some natural treatments that can help to reduce your oily skin.


In most of the cases, oily skin is a burden and definitely not a blessing. It’s time to put your best beauty foot forward and experiment with a selection of skin-friendly and natural remedies to restore the flawless condition of your pores and complexion in general. Use the 5 remedies to normalize oily skin below to discover the cleansing and revitalizing effect of numerous organic and accessible ingredients.

View the original article here


It’s great to be able to find natural ways that can help with all kinds of skin conditions without having to result to using expensive over the counter products that do nothing but remove you of your hard earnd cash. What do you think of these natural remedies for oily skin?


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Other Contributing Factors In Acne Infection /other-contributing-factors-in-acne-infection/ /other-contributing-factors-in-acne-infection/#comments Fri, 09 Mar 2012 08:45:23 +0000 Rhys Morton, Site Editor /?p=157 Other Contributing Factors In Acne Infection Other Contributing Factors In Acne InfectionAfter tackling myths and false beliefs of people towards acne, let’s take time to study the real factors that often contribute in a large way on the infection.


Have you ever used drugs, and not the recreational type? Of course you have, at one point or another we have all needed some form of medication for something. Don’t get scared though for not all types of drugs cause acne. There are some medications that may either cause acne or worsen the acne condition. Such medication may include drugs that have iodides and bromides in their substance.

Another type of drugs that may cause or worsen acne are oral and injected steroids and it does not matter whether your doctor prescribed it or not. There are also drugs used by athletes and body builders that can cause acne conditions. Anticonvulsant medications and the lithium used as a treatment for bipolar disorder are known to be acne causing. However, it is good for you be aware that chances of your acne condition being drug related are very slim.

The type of occupation

Not that you should stop going to work.. sorry… but you have to know this anyway. A number of different occupations contribute to infection. Not that any occupation is bad. However, there are those jobs that deal with chemicals and oils especially in industries. If the skin is not well covered, chances are that the chemical or oil may get in touch with your skin and either block the pores or provide a conducive environment for the development of acne.

Pressure on the skin

Applying pressure on the skin area frequently may be a major contributing factor to acne infections. Such pressure may come from helmets, chin straps, suspenders and the like and most probably often aggravate acne infections.


Did you know some skin care products will most likely do harm than good? This is because they are usually skin clogging and hence make a conducive environment for the accumulation of fats beneath the skin. If your primary concern is acne, check for skin care products that are water based because they allow the skin to breathe.

There is still a long list of factors that causes acne that are not mentioned in this article. However, it is upon you to read further and know these factors and also learn on how you can prevent yourself from being affected by acne. Remember that information is power and the more information you have, the wiser you become and the better you will be at treating your acne condition whether you are an older person with acne or a teenager with acne.

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Skin lightening creams with dangerous mercury /skin-lightening-creams-with-dangerous-mercury/ /skin-lightening-creams-with-dangerous-mercury/#comments Thu, 08 Mar 2012 18:22:25 +0000 Rhys Morton, Site Editor /?p=1587 skin lightening creams with dangerous mercury Skin lightening creams with dangerous mercuryYet more disturbing news about the dangers of using skin lightening creams that some use to treat skin dark spots and acne and scarring. Although this article shares the discovery of an unlabelled product containing mercury, most skin lightening creams contain this as well as other harmful chemicals.  The question is why do people insist on using this stuff?


California medical officials go undercover to find skin-lightening creams with dangerous mercury

California health officials became alarmed when a 39-year-old Mexican-American woman in Alameda County was diagnosed with mercury poisoning, giving her headaches, numbness, depression and forgetfulness.

Scouring her home for the likely culprit, they determined that an illegal skin-lightening cream smuggled in from Mexico was to blame.

The unlabeled jars of mercury-laced cream are typically used to lighten skin, fade freckles and age spots, as well as treat acne.

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At How To Get Rid Of Acne Spots, we hope that many people see this article and inform others about this, as people are placing themselves at huge risk without even realising it. We live in hope that, this site is going to make a difference in changing peoples perceptions to the ways and benefits of going 100% natural without having to result to using chemical based medications and creams to treat their skin.

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Digestion Problems and Acne /digestion-problems-and-acne/ /digestion-problems-and-acne/#comments Wed, 07 Mar 2012 14:19:36 +0000 Rhys Morton, Site Editor /?p=397 digestion problems and acne Digestion Problems and AcneMany may be wondering why discuss the digestive system when talking of acne. Is there a relationship between the two?

Well, we will see whether there is a relationship between your digestive system and acne infections and how knowing this relationship will help you in the natural prevention and control of your acne infection.

As you may already know, the main functions of the digestive system is that it is the part of your body that will help in breaking down foods into fatty acids, amino acids, glycerine and sugar.

After the digestive system has broken down the food, such food is in turn transported via the blood stream for use by the body in producing energy and nutrients for maintaining the body.

I bet you can now sense the direction I am headed. However, before we reach where I am going, I want to tell you that the body is completely dependent on the nutrients provided through the digestive system.

Have you ever wondered what would happen if you had a faulty digestive system?

Even if you ate all the foods containing the minerals required by the body for the control of acne, it would be meaningless!

The main substance in your digestive system

A vital substance that helps your digestive system working properly is Hydrochloric acid or HCL. Your digestive system must be able to provide a certain level of HCL in order to function effectively. If you eat junk food regularly or your usual diet contains much fat and sugar, the level of HCL in your stomach will be reduced. Ask your doctor especially if you suffer from fatigue or adult acne and other skin problems.

Depleted HCL will also lead to other problems such as muscle cramps, arthritis, and food allergies. Besides an unhealthy diet, prolonged use of antibiotics is another cause depletion of HCL. Without enough HCL, your immune system be compromised, and this will lead to acne flare.

Therefore, the relationship between the digestive system and acne is portrayed by the functioning of the digestive system which determines in a big way your acne condition. A ‘faulty’ digestive system will automatically lead to skin problems such as acne since the body will not get the nutrients required in maintaining the balance of the skin.

Also, should your digestive system be faulty, it will take longer for your acne condition to heal since nothing you ingest towards assisting you with the treatment will be properly passed to the skin organs. When the digestive system can no longer break down food into useful components to be used by the body, the unbroken food may turn into toxic waste that may prove harmful to the body. The body will also undergo strains and stress conditions that may worsen skin conditions and affect the whole body system if not taken care of.

How therefore do you take care of your digestive system so as to ensure that it is functioning properly to help you in the prevention of acne or in the recovery from infections?

The main reason why problems occur in the digestive system is when we cause the Hydrochloric Acids, which are the main players in digestion, to vanish from our digestive system.

Therefore, the next time you get acne attacks, it may be a sign of your interference with your digestive system through the consumption of all the wrong foods that cause acidic imbalances in the stomach. There are simple steps you can follow to boost your digestive health.

You can take control of your own health and find out how you can get rid of back acne, get rid of shoulder acne, get rid of face acne or any other kind of body skin condition without having to reply on a doctor or pharmaceutical acne drug. You can get information righ here on how to manage your own acne and how you can get rid of acne fast.

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Dermatologist Warns Against Overdoing Skin Treatments /overdoing-skin-treatments/ /overdoing-skin-treatments/#comments Tue, 06 Mar 2012 15:59:25 +0000 Rhys Morton, Site Editor /?p=1585 overdoing skin treatments Dermatologist Warns Against Overdoing Skin TreatmentsThis article goes into the dangers of acne sufferers treating themselves with skin chemical peels and microdermabrasions. These treatments are bad enough even under the guidance of a doctor or dermatologist, let alone trying to DIY!


For centuries, people have been looking for the fountain of youth and many still are. But local doctors are seeing patients who are overdoing skin treatments for their face, causing not only pain but long-term skin damage.

Retin A, chemical peels and microdermabrasion are all things you’ll find prescribed or performed by a doctor or licensed medical professional. But when people try to treat themselves, they can run into trouble.

“We’ve had patients come in the day before their daughter’s wedding and done an at-home chemical peel and come in with second degree burns,” said Dr. Suzan Obagi, a dermatologist at UPMC Cosmetic Surgery & Skin Health Center.

Dr. Obagi says other patients have come in after too many skin treatments elsewhere.

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This is just a classic example of the dangers of using such treatments when you do not know what you are doing. In addition it is also an example of what these treatments do to treat skin conditions. Why on earth do people opt for using such aggressive form of skin treatment when it can be treated 100% naturally? We would really love to hear your thoughts on this?

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