It’s Up To You To Be Smart When Using Antibiotics

be smart when using antibiotics Its Up To You To Be Smart When Using AntibioticsThis is an interesting article by Suzy Cohen, which goes in to details about the harmful effects using antibiotics can have on your health. It amazes us at How To get Rid Of Acne Spots when we hear people using antibiotics for their acne or skin conditions that have been prescribed by their doctors. Read on to find out more on why this drug could be causing you more harm than good for your skin conditions.


There are well over 100 antibiotics. Some people with viral and fungal infections are often prescribed antibiotics, which only target bacteria. Big mistake. Antibiotics are actually derived from mold/fungus, so it’s recommended that you avoid antibiotics if you have any fungal infection or various immune system disorders.

The first patented antibiotic was penicillin. We have hundreds of prescription antibiotics today, but prior to that, doctors prescribed colloidal silver, turmeric, oregon grape root, oregano oil, olive leaf extract, garlic or other naturally occurring antimicrobials. These are all still available in health food stores for others who are interested.

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Does it not make you realise that some doctors are not always acting with your best interests in mind? Or is that me just having no faith in the medical and pharmaceutical world to take care of our health?

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