Is There a Link Between Candida Albicans and Skin Conditions?


Is There a Link Between Candida Albicans and Skin Conditions?

Candida Albicans and Skin Conditions Is There a Link Between Candida Albicans and Skin Conditions?Is there a link to candida albicans and skin conditions? This article by hitta frisör Varberg will hopefully go some way towards addressing this but first lets get some basic understanding about what it actually is.

Candida Albicans also known as yeast infection, is what we call an opportunistic organism that is present in our skin and mucous membranes but can also travel through into our blood streams. They are called opportunistic because these fungi just lay in waiting for an attack and commonly manifests as oral thrush or vaginal infections.


As with acne and other skin conditions, there are a number of different factors that increase the stimulation of Candida Albicans growing out of control, such as refined carbohydrates which include sugar, white flour. One of the biggest and leading causes of candida is the overuse of antibiotics. But is there a direct link between candida albicans and skin conditions?

Note that the candida can grow like a plant and break through your intestinal walls so that it feeds toxins directly into your blood stream.

Candida growth is encouraged when your blood pH is acidic so you should avoid eating a lot of acidic forming foods. The acidic environment enables the Candida to grow faster which secretes more mycotoxins into your blood stream, burdening your body’s elimination organs even more.

Controlling Candida alone can have a significant effect in the reduction of acne formation and other health conditions.body detox1 Is There a Link Between Candida Albicans and Skin Conditions?

Overall Candida cohabits with the many types of bacteria in our bodies, some of them keeping the balance to keep candida from flourishing. With the overuse of antibiotics, it can in fact destroy our friendly bacteria which allows the yeast infection to flourish.

Medical experts say that fungi invade only when our immune system is low, but we know this to be not entirely accurate, as candida can still thrive in someone with a relatively strong immune system, but the weaker the immune system is, the quicker it can take hold and spread to other parts of the body and organs and consequently compromising our overall health.

Is your candida problem (yeast infection) causing your acne outbreaks?

There are some cases where people have both candida infections and acne outbreaks but neither is causing the other. Oftentimes, adverse reaction to contraceptives and other synthetic medications can cause either of the two as well.

Medical science experts have not established a link between these two conditions and prescription drugs used for each problem are different.

What to do in case of candida infection or acne outbreaks?

Most people would seek the advice of their doctors when confronted with issues regarding health, regardless of what plagues them. This is well and good as most of these medical practitioners have sufficient training to deal with what ails us.

However, we should remember that prescription drugs are synthetic in nature and its prolonged use may cause side effects that may be, more often than not, harmful to use in the long run. Even if these drugs treat the symptoms and clinical manifestations of any disease, the more important issue is how to keep them from occurring again, or to put it another way, how to cure it.

In the case of candida albicans and acne, as well as with most health issues, recurrence is high. It is this fear of long time harmful effects to our health that make more and more people seek alternative methods of medications such as natural skin treatments.

Where does the relationship lie?

As I have said earlier, neither causes the other but this does not mean that there is no common ground between the two. If you look at the situation carefully, both conditions as well as a host of other skin problems can easily be avoided if we keep a healthy lifestyle.

Optimum health is achieved when you and I make conscious effort to eat nutritious food, keep a healthy weight through exercise, and get plenty of rest. A lot of people are more aware now of the importance of healthy lifestyle, natural medications and achieving optimal health

In fact, several studies have now linked food as natural treatment for acne in the same manner as linking some, mostly processed food, to being a trigger to acne breakouts.

If candida albicans infections attack when our immune system is low, doesn’t it make sense to conclude that a healthy body is what it takes to keep those nasty infections off?

The business of keeping fit and healthy is a personal commitment. If you wish to have healthy and flawless skin and if you want to know how to get rid of pimples easily, nourish yourself with the right kind of foods and look at juicing. Make a conscious effort to avoid junk and processed food because they contain so much preservative that can trigger adverse reactions to your health.

Sleeping well and avoiding stress can also promote good health. Remember, your skin’s condition is a reflection of what is inside.

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