Diet and Acne – New Evidence To Prove That Diet Does Matter

diet and acne Diet and Acne   New Evidence To Prove That Diet Does MatterThis does not come as a shock as we have stated this and so have many other skin experts. We agree 100% that diet is a major contributor to acne and other skin conditions. Weight is also another factor which is covered in this news article.


Acne can begin in adulthood, too, with the majority of cases – 75 per cent – occurring in women.

Many people who’ve battled acne attest that certain foods aggravate their skin. Yet most dermatologists contend there’s no scientific link between diet and acne. The prevailing view is that the food-acne connection is a myth.

Recent studies are, however, challenging this stance. Dairy products and high glycemic foods (e.g. sugary foods and those made from refined flour) have been shown to worsen acne, while omega-3 fats may alleviate it.

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It’s not surprising that this is all starting to get peoples attention as this information has been a shared opinion for many people inclusing acne sufferers, but as always, doctors and dermatologists seems to think they know better given their medical backgrounds. Maybe now they will start to listen more and take notice of what the patient is saying. What do you think about this?

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