5 Things That Don’t Actually Work The Way You Think

Acne Products That Don't WorkI think we have purchased items in the past where it has never given the results that it claims. In this feature there are details and a list of some of the popular acne treatment products that simply do not work and that can even worsen the acne condition.


We’ve learned to be skeptical of product packaging and not always trust the claims it makes, but our hopefulness sometimes gets the best of us. Here are five products you’ve likely used, or maybe even purchase regularly, that don’t yield the results you may expect.

If you’ve got an acne problem, or you’re buying for someone who does, you don’t want to just grab any product you find on the shelf. Many brands contain several irritants that can make the problem worse. My Best Beauty Buys took a look at the research and found some of the worst:

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I am sure there are more than 5 products in the market place that do not do what they claim! There are more than that with acne products alone. What products have you purchased that failed to deliver what it claimed? We would love to read them.


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