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Although some sources do recommend dairy products for vitamin A such as eggs, milk, cheese and low fat spreads, these have been proven and linked to aggravating acne conditions. Despite repeated claims by many so called “experts” that food and diet is not linked to causing or aggravting acne, there is increasing, solid evidence to prove that certain foods can in fact make your acne condition worse. Although some dairy products are high in vitamin A, we would recommend you that you refrain from eating dairy products or at the very least reduce your in take of them until your acne totally free of your acne condition.

Do not wear make-up

The problem with most ladies is that they feel that they cannot survive without wearing makeup on their faces. What they may not be aware of is the fact that makeup does contribute in a large way to clogging the pores which can aggravate or cause acne. If you have to wear make-up, then move away from oil based make-ups and start using water based make-ups.

Wash your pillowcase frequently

The pillow case is very instrumental because your face spends nearly eight hours of everyday lying on it. Should it be dirty, chances are that when follicles rupture during your sleep, bacteria from the pillowcase will find their way into the pimples. It is for that reason that many people’s pimples often take long time before healing. Each day, your pillow case absorbs oil from your skin. As such, ensure that your pillow and sheets are always clean.

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