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Manuka Honey paste

Manuka Honey when mixed with other compounds such as cinnamon to form a paste has been considered a very powerful alternative treatment for acne. Honey for acne is often applied to the skin as an individual is going to sleep at night and washed off the following morning.

Some people often have their reservations in regard to this and often say that honey is sugary and bacteria often multiply under sugary conditions. However, what such pessimists do not know is that Manuka honey has other compounds that are highly harmful to the acne bacteria.

Lemon Juice

Lemon juice paste can also be made from using lemon juice and adding cinnamon which is then applied to the acne infected skin area prior to going to sleep at night. Once more, just like the honey paste, the paste should be washed off in the morning.

Mint Juice

Fresh mint juice is often effective on acne when it is used as a rub on the infected area. It is also very easy to make and reportedly an effective way to get rid of blackheads and other acne problems.

Acne Cream

As an individual, you can make your own acne cream that you will apply on the infected area of the skin frequently. There are many ways of making such a cream with the most common one being making the cream from ground up orange peels and water. Such a cream is applied and washed off after every half an hour.

The above are just a small handful of natural acne treatments examples on ways to get rid of acne effectively using nothing but 100% natural ingredients that will not harm your health or aggrevate your acne condition. There are many more natural acne treatments, and this is just the tip of the iceberg. There are many more natural acne treatment examples that you you will find throughout the site.


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