How To Stop Oily Skin – 5 Remedies That Will Help

how to stop oily skin How To Stop Oily Skin   5 Remedies That Will HelpAlthough your skin produced oil naturally through your pores that help to keep your skin moisturised, sometimes for people the skin can produce too much. Here are some natural treatments that can help to reduce your oily skin.


In most of the cases, oily skin is a burden and definitely not a blessing. It’s time to put your best beauty foot forward and experiment with a selection of skin-friendly and natural remedies to restore the flawless condition of your pores and complexion in general. Use the 5 remedies to normalize oily skin below to discover the cleansing and revitalizing effect of numerous organic and accessible ingredients.

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It’s great to be able to find natural ways that can help with all kinds of skin conditions without having to result to using expensive over the counter products that do nothing but remove you of your hard earnd cash. What do you think of these natural remedies for oily skin?


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  1. KellyS says:

    Interesting article! I’ve tried a lot of home remedies for my oily skin, but there are some new ideas here that I haven’t used yet. Two things I’ve found to help tremendously are plain Apple Cider Vinegar used as a toner, and the Mattify Cosmetics Ultra Powder used before and after my makeup. Before, I was using Proactive or Biore toners, and my still was still breaking out a little. Then, I read an article online about the Apple Cider trick and found that it REALLY cuts down on breakouts and helps stop the oiliness. Apparently it helps even more if you drink it…but ew, I can barely even stand to get a little in my mouth so don’t think I will do that. The Ultra Powder is what I use during the day and it stops me from getting oily almost until noon. That is seriously a miracle for me. When I forget to use the Mattify Powder, I have to use those dumb oil blotting papers every hour all day long. It’s the one and only powder that has ever done anything to fix my oily skin problem.

    • Thomdak says:

      My mother has werkod in derm basically her entire life! Cysts are painful, people don’t want to just leave them in their skin I understand you’re trying to sell your product > but instead realize the severities of cystic acne not everyone watching this has a tiny cyst they can just ice down’. Don’t make people feel like if they don’t try your product that all they have is ice and toothpaste.

      • Prasanjeet says:

        Hope this helps someone i had verry bad acne prone skin and i tried eyevrthing but i found something that is being helping me a lot its called tea tree oil i bought it at cvs and made a toner with it and omg now i don’t breakout a lot like before my face is clear but i do have scars

  2. Angee says:

    cut your carbs out replace swtees with fruits, and you’ll see result i do this for a month now and no acne came out since ( only 1-2 zits in 3-4 days ) try it! the problem isn’t your skin, it’s your diet! if the diet i told you about doesn’t work, try something else cut out the fat, be a vegetarian, etc a healthy lifestyle is what you need do get rid of the acne PS: i am having acne for 4 years


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