How To Tell That You Have Acne

How To Tell That You Have Acne1 How To Tell That You Have AcneEven if you deny it, you may not be completely sure now on how to tell whether you have acne. This is because there are many other diseases that are often confused with acne infection. Therefore, if you are not careful, you may mistake other ailment like skin rashes as acne.

The best thing to do when under uncertainty is to seek the advice of an expert.

As you may have already known either from your own experience or from the experience of someone close to you, acne often appears on the skin as congested pores. These congested pores are known to medical practitioners as “comedones”. However, so that you will understand what we are talking about, I will call them black pores though they are also referred to as blackheads or whiteheads.

If one of these names sounds familiar to you, then I bet you know exactly what we’re talking about!

If you want to easily identify acne, the first step, is to observe it closely. How does it look? Acne will most likely appear on your skin looking like tender red bumps. Some people often call acne bumps pimples while others refer to them as Zits. However, the name that they are best known with is pimples. Also, at times, under severe infections, acne may appear as cysts which are known as deep pimples or boils.

Despite the different causes of acne and the ways in which acne appears on the skin, whether as cysts or pimples, they are always painful, irritating and at times itchy. When squeezed, they will produce a white substance. If you have ever had acne before, you will agree that not all mehods of treatment that you may have tried were successful. Maybe, after all those trials without result, your acne then disappeared.

If a time comes and you notice any signs of the above listed types of acne either on the face, chest or back, the best thing to do will be to visit a physician for proper medical diagnosis. However, you have to be aware that there are many ways to treat acne and different people often use different methods of treatments for their acne infections. Some of these methods are effective while others are just trial and error and will often leave you in a worse situation than before.

Therefore, before anyone recommends treatment for your acne condition, be sure that they know exactly what they are talking about.

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