Can Intermittent Fasting Help Cure Acne?

Intermittent FastingThe various benefits of intermittent fasting have recently been featured in a BBC Horizon documentary, with more and more evidence coming through about the wide ranging benefits. It has also been documented that intermittent fasting can also play a very important role in helping both adolescent and adult acne. The question is, can intermittent fasting help cure acne?


Well for one, we know that it’s a common human skin disease characterized by red scaly skin, black heads, white heads and other forms of ‘blemishes’. We also know that the idea that “acne is generally expected to spontaneously regress during the late teenaged or early adulthood years” is a complete and utter lie.

There are many people still suffering from acne in their 30s, 40s and beyond.

Most of our interest in Acne is cosmetic – Most of us spend a considerable amount of time every week trying to keep our bodies looking young. From lifting heavy weights to keeping our waistline in check, the pursuit of a youthful looking body is never ending.  But the first line of defense in looking younger is your skin.

Your skin tells all.  Based on this reason alone, it’s worth taking a closer look at acne.

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It is being proven more and more that diet and certain foods we eat, does in fact have a massive impact and effect not only our overall health, but is also pivotal in the condition and prevention of acne on our skin. Next time you reach for the milk and other dairy proteins, think about not eating or drinking so much.

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  1. Seres says:

    accutane is good, but it will cause many problems. i would try RETIN-A which is the same as aauctcne it has vitamin A put aauctcne is used oraly and retin a is a gel, proactive will damage your skin because of its active ingredient benzol peroxide which bleaches clothes(immagen what its doing to your face!)ANY acne product that you use will make your face get more breakouts then beforethis is called it gets wose then better so be prepared to have bad skin for 3 to 4 weeks but then you will have really good skin. i think its worth it and you should try it out. hope this helps you!

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