Keep The Fibre And Keep On Juicing

Keep On Juicing But Keep The FibreJuicing fruit and vegetables is a great and tasty way to get those all essential vitamins and nutrients. But the traditional methods of juicing takes away one important nutrient that can make all the difference that makes this tasty beverage even more nutritious. All the juice bars I have ever come across take out this important substance which prevents sugar spikes.


Instead I went with a blender on steroids, Vitamix. Just to be clear for those who know about “affiliate links”, there are none. I am not making anything for mentioning the name.

I chose a blender because it includes the whole fruit or vegetable I am adding, not just the juice. When I started out I visited a number of retail juicers and smoothie stores, because I was undecided which way to go AND I wanted to see what I could actually “stick to” before I invested in equipment.

As I watched my drink be prepared in the juicing establishments. I could not help but notice the “pulp” being discarded and I immediately translated that to “fiber”. All the benefits of fiber came flooding into my head and it did not take long for me to drift to the “blending” side.

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Juicing is a great way to detox your body and get healthy clear skin, but is also important to keep nutrients and vitamins which is found mostly in the pulp and peel of fruits and vegetables. So next time you do yourself a juice, keep the peel and pulp to make sure you get that fibre that will have even greater health benefits than just drinking the juice alone. Just keep on juicing with the pulp and peel for that added benefit.

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  1. gold account says:

    Juicer discards the pulp. Only the pure juice remains, and you simply drinks the concentrated juice.


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