Known Causes of Acne

Known Causes of Acne Known Causes of AcneAcne is not a disease that just appears from nowhere. For you to understand and appreciate its causes, it is essential that you have the information on what acne is, so you are able to determine that you are indeed infected by the disease.

When you realize that you are already infected with acne, then perhaps knowing its causes will help you understand better how you should seek your personal treatment. If you are not infected by the disease, then knowing the causes will help you know whether there are ways in which you can prevent infection.

Therefore, whether you are infected with the disease or not, you will stand to gain a lot through knowing the causes of acne. To start you off, we have to let you know that what causes acne is not a single identified factor, with a lot of misinformation and myths about the causes of acne. As a matter of fact, the disease takes place when the oil glands found on the skin that are attached to the hair follicles are stimulated because of an increase in body hormones.

If you did not know it, there is a natural substance that is meant to always lubricate and protect your skin called sebum. As the skin cell matures, there is increased skin oil production that changes the manner in which your skin cells often mature. As a result, this increased oil is often predisposed by the skin and instead of it coming out through the tiny pores of the skin, it clogs the hair pores.

The clogged or blocked hair pore gradually enlarges and finally develops into a small visible swelling.  This swelling forms a lump that we often know as pimples. As the swelling continues and enlarges, the walls of the skin may break allowing a white substance to leak. When this happens to the skin, there is an increased risk of bacteria getting in through the wounded lump to produce an inflammation of the skin.

Should an inflammation be produced near the surface of the skin, then it is named a pustule. However, deeper inflammations are what we refer to as pimples and very deep ones form a cyst that is called small boils. When the oil in the pimple becomes oxidized, it changes from white to black and as a result, produces a black spot where the pimple once stood. It is this black spot that is called a blackhead.

As mentioned before there are other known causes of this irritating skin disorder, with proven findings such as foods that cause acne , stress and other research and findings that have been conducted.

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