Medical Conditions Often Confused For Acne

Medical Conditions Often Confused For Acne1 Medical Conditions Often Confused For AcneThe problem that exists is that many people often confuse acnes with other skin disorders. For instance, many believe that certain foods can cause acne as discussed in a previous post, because they often confuse food related skin diseases with the acne infection.

There are several conditions that can be easily confused with acne. Here are some of the common skin diseases that are not only found on young people but also amongst more mature adults who also confuse it with being adult acne.


These often occur when someone has been cut close to the skin during shaving making curled hair to bend into the skin and result in pimples. Due to the fact that this problem is caused mechanically, it is often simple to treat and control. What an infected person will do is to shave his beard less frequently to prevent such cuts.


These are pimples that occur on other parts of the body such as the abdomen, the legs or the buttocks. Though many people often mistake these for acne, in the real sense, these are often inflamed follicles. An oral or antibiotic prescription by the doctor is enough to finish this problem although there are other, more natural ways to treat this condition.


This is a medical condition that often has the symptoms of an acne infection and affects older people in their thirties and forties. It is often characterized by pimples that occur on the face and are at times red in color.

Gram-negative folliculitis

When someone suffering from acne is treated with oral antibiotics for long periods, they develop pustules that are filled with bacteria which are resistant to treatments. As a result the individual does not respond to antibiotic treatments especially if they had previously used the antibiotic. Therefore, these swellings are only treatable with other forms of treatments and cannot be termed as acne.

As we conclude, there may be many other conditions that are often confused with acne as well as adult skin conditions. The only sure way to be sure that you are suffering from acne attack especially if you are past your puberty age is to seek proper medical advice to get a diagnosis. It will be wise to visit a dermatologist instead of guessing the skin disease that is ailing you. Making such a visit may seem expensive in the short run but in the long run, it may save you heartaches and financial stresses.

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