Milk and Acne – Are Dairy Products Harming Us?

milk and acne Milk and Acne   Are Dairy Products Harming Us?This is an interesting article about how dairy products especially milk can cause acne. There has been alot of discussion about this topic with some saying there is no link and others saying there is. From my own experience and through talking with other people about this, I agree with those that say there is a link between dairy products and acne.

Earlier this week, Dr. Frank Lipman cleared up some of our confusion about why dairy seems to be the next evil food group. But in the process, he raised another issue about what milk does to your skin: according to him, dairy causes acne, too. But many commenters were up in arms about the connection between milk and skin—you wanted the science, not just the anecdotal evidence.

That’s where Dr. William F. Danby, Adjunct Assistant Professor Dermatology at Dartmouth Medical School, comes in. As a practicing dermatologist and someone who’s researched the ins and outs of milk and acne (check out his site,, he’s eager to clear up the issue (and your skin). We asked him a few questions to find out why dairy could be doing your skin wrong:

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The thing is, that this is not just unique to drinking milk, there are cases with all types of dairy products that are linked to skin conditions. With the use of growth hormones, antibiotics and anabolic steroids it’s no wonder there are health problems emerging from this. Is switching to organic the way forward? what are your thought on this subject?

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