The Reputation of Aspirin Has Grown Even More, But Why?

reputation of aspirin The Reputation of Aspirin Has Grown Even More, But Why?Aspirin contains a key ingredient called salicylic which is found in many over the counter products and is recommended for acne sufferers. It has been getting fresh attention lately with its reputation on the increase once again. Read on to discover more and why this drugs reputation is on the rise.


It costs just 1p a tablet, but Oxford scientists said this week that taking an aspirin a day can reduce your risk of cancer. A study found the pills not only reduce the chances of contracting the illness, but also protect against it spreading. Experts believe the evidence is so strong that, in future, the NHS watchdog NICE may issue guidelines advising doctors to prescribe it to cancer sufferers.

Aspirin can clearly do more than banish headaches, though some experts believe it could do more harm than good.

A KEY ingredient in aspirin is salicylic acid, which is used in many of today’s off-the-shelf acne products.

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There are some dangers attached to using aspirin for prolonged periods of time, with a recommended use for acne sufferers, which we are not entirely sure is an effective way to treat your acne as is is prone to drying out the skin, which could cause more issues if used too often. what are your thoughts about this article?

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