Juicing For Health

Juicing For Health Can Play An Important Role

Juicing is great and fantastic way to get fruit and more importantly veggies into your diet. By adding things like wheatgrass, spirulina, psyllium husk and other great ingredients means you are getting some huge beneficial nutrients and minerals inside you. That said, this article shares with us that juicing alone can be a harmful and potentially risky endeavour.   The practice of juicing — the kind that involves fresh fruits and veggies, not illegal steroids — often shows up a lot in celebrity diets, health detox programs and organic lifestyles. And to be sure, there are positives to be had. Yet, there are negatives to juicing, too, and juicing at the expense of eating real meals must be approached with caution and common sense. When you think of juicing, the first thing to come to mind may be a healthy active lifestyle or an easy way to lose weight. But when you give up the other foods your body needs on a daily basis, it can become harmful to your health. View the original article here   There is no denying that juicing fruits and veggies can really boost your health, but it’s not good if you juice to replace actually eating foods. Combing the two is a great practice and one that can only lead to a healthier internal system, a leaner body, as well as having healthier more attractive glowing skin. That has to be good don’t you think? Click To Read More »

Clear Radiant Skin

Get That Clear Radiant Skin By Reducing Internal Impurities

To get that radiant, blemish free skin with the attractive glow, requires more that just treating your skin on a superficial level. Dealing with internal issues is considered more important that treating skin on the surface, but what can you do to achieve this?     No matter how much we treat our skin on the surface, all the treatments are superficial and the results are not going to last for very long. To actually have clearer, glowing skin, it’s essential to cleanse the body from the inside by reducing internal impurities. Radiant skin comes from a healthy, toxin-free body while blemished, pale skin is often the result of harmful toxins being ingested by the body. ‘‘People are like stained glass windows. They sparkle and shine when the sun is out, but when the darkness sets in, their true beauty is revealed only if there is a light from within.’’ Read the original article right here   This is an interesting article with some great tips and information on what you can do to start clearing your internal system of heavy metals if you have them and how to start  reducing toxic build-up in the body. We cannot emphasise enough how important is it to make sure you have a healthy and good working internal system if you want to achieve lasting clear skin free from skin conditions such as acne. Click To Read More »

Skin Nourishing Oils

12 Favourite Skin Nourishing Oils

This feature is going to give you a list of natural oils that you can use that will help with a variety of body locations including your face and skin. Applying natural oil such as coconut oil, almond oil which we love, is great for keeping the skin moisturised and supple as will also help with internal issues as the skin absorbs what you apply back into your body.     Rubbing oil on your face? Sounds like an invitation for disaster. But these natural, oil-based products have taught us that we have a misconception about the substance; we think we need to get rid of it, when in reality, the more you remove, the harder your skin works to replace it, thereby creating even more oiliness. (It’s an underminer like that.) “Like cures like, so a little bit of a healthy, plant-based oil on the skin helps the skin stay balanced,” Dr. Hauschka Skin Care CEO Mirran Raphaely told TODAY.com. “The right amount signals to oil glands that they can stop producing. It may sound counter-intuitive, but once you try this method, you’ll never go back.” We hunted down the best nourishing oils on the market — for all areas of the body — and recommended our top picks: View the original article here   This is an interesting list of oils for the body including hair and nails besides skin. One oil I use that was surprisingly not listed is coconut oil which has a massive amount of health benefits and is great for keeping the skin looking healthy and supple. What do you think of the list and what oils do you use for your skin? Click To Read More »

Blood Cleansing Foods

5 Blood Cleansing Foods For Your Table

Get a list of foods that will help with cleansing your blood which will help with keeping system clear of toxins which will have a knock on effect with the quality and condition of your skin.   What happens to you when you go out in the pollution infested world? Your body gets oxidized and the impurities or free radicals this creates eventually finds it’s way into your blood because it is your blood that carries the waste of all the cells in your body. So cleansing your blood that is under onslaught of all these impurities should be your top priority. This can be done by certain specific detox foods that purify the blood. Cleansing your blood helps you in every way, be it the glow on your skin or the healthy appetite you enjoy. So even if you include half of the measures using detoxfoods mentioned here, you will see a much healthier you. View the original article here The list of foods is very helpful and will hopefully get you motivated to head for the shops and buying those items unless you already have them in your food cupboards. It’s really important to realise that food and eating healthy foods most of the time will really improve not only your skin but also your health. There is no need to use medication drugs and over the counter products to treat your skin condition when mother nature provides everything for us. Click To Read More »

Skin Conditions and Nutrition

Skin Conditions and Nutrition

Nutrition is very important when it comes to maintaining your skin and getting rid of that annoying skin conditions such as acne. This feature goes into the importance of why nutritions plays an important role in keeping our skin looking great and getting that healthy glow.   At one point or another in our lives we have all suffered from the embarrassing blemish or skin rash. Our skin is our body’s largest organ and allowing toxins to exit through it is a way our bodies fight disease. This is why fever accompanies almost any illness. Our body will increase its core temperature and push the toxins out by causing sweat. Toxins can come in the form of bacteria and viruses, but they can also be caused by foods that are poorly digested. When undigestable food particles enter our bloodstream our body will launch an immune attack on the foreign particle. This leads to us being in a state of inflammation. This is where we can develop hives, acne, and atopic dermatitis. Milk allergies tend to be a major culprit of skin problems as well as grains, legumes, and soy. View the original article here   It was also interesting and worth taking note of that those with acne or other skin conditions have lower levels of antioxidants in the blood than those without normal skin, meaning that your nutrition levels are not as they should be.   Click To Read More »

Eat Your Water

Eat Your Water!

This article goes in to the importance of having enough water in your diet. Drinking water is great and has a lot of health benefits for the skin and internal system, but did you know you can also get it from the foods you eat? The feature also gives with some helpful food recommendations that you can eat to supply water in to your body.     We have all heard hundred of times that we should drink eight, 8 oz glasses of water per day to maintain an optimal level of hydration. Yet there is little scientific evidence for this advice and that for most people, more water just means more trips to the bathroom! Not only is this a waste of time, and water, the constant flushing of water through your body can mean a loss of vital minerals as well. “Eat your water and you won’t need to count your glasses,” said Howard Murad, M.D., Associate Clinical Professor of Medicine at UCLA and founder of Murad Inc. “If you replace at least one glass of water a day with one serving of raw fruits or vegetables, you will be able to stay hydrated significantly longer.” View the original article here   Do underestimate the importance of water consumption. My opinion is that having a combination of drinking water and also food supplied water is a great combination, to ensure you are replacing nutrients and minerals back in to your body that drinking water can flush out. Click To Read More »

Healthy Food Makes You More Attractive

Eating Healthy Food Makes You More Attractive?

We all know that we should eat plenty of fruit and vegetables to make sure we get our 5 a day. But these Government campaigns to get people eating more healthily have had little impact on changing peoples eating habits because they only give information on why taking the healthy option is good for us. This article  goes into more detail. EATING more fruit and vegetables can give your skin a noticeable “golden glow” within weeks, according to a study. Researchers looked at the impact of the orangey-red carotenoid pigments found in fruit and vegetables on skin tone. The results showed that two extra portions of fruit and vegetables every day created a change in skin colour within six weeks. Scientists from the University of St Andrews who carried out the research said it supports NHS guidelines to eat five portions of fruit and vegetables every day. View the original article here   I tend to agree with this article that informing people how eating healthily will improve their appearance and looks as opposed to the health benefits, will be a bigger motivator than listing that your heart will be stronger, lowers cholesterol, lowers blood pressure, lower chance of heart disease and so on. We seem to be more focused on the vanity aspects than the health aspects. What do you think? Click To Read More »