Skin lightening creams with dangerous mercury

skin lightening creams with dangerous mercury Skin lightening creams with dangerous mercuryYet more disturbing news about the dangers of using skin lightening creams that some use to treat skin dark spots and acne and scarring. Although this article shares the discovery of an unlabelled product containing mercury, most skin lightening creams contain this as well as other harmful chemicals.  The question is why do people insist on using this stuff?


California medical officials go undercover to find skin-lightening creams with dangerous mercury

California health officials became alarmed when a 39-year-old Mexican-American woman in Alameda County was diagnosed with mercury poisoning, giving her headaches, numbness, depression and forgetfulness.

Scouring her home for the likely culprit, they determined that an illegal skin-lightening cream smuggled in from Mexico was to blame.

The unlabeled jars of mercury-laced cream are typically used to lighten skin, fade freckles and age spots, as well as treat acne.

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At How To Get Rid Of Acne Spots, we hope that many people see this article and inform others about this, as people are placing themselves at huge risk without even realising it. We live in hope that, this site is going to make a difference in changing peoples perceptions to the ways and benefits of going 100% natural without having to result to using chemical based medications and creams to treat their skin.

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