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Good Nutrition Helps Fight Acne

Conventional medicine defines acne as a skin disease characterised by the formation of red spots, pimples, cysts or papules and other similar formations in skin areas that have a high concentration of sebaceous follicles but nothing about the fact that nutrition helps fight acne. These are follicles that contain sebaceous oil glands and are common on the face, upper chest and back. Holistic medical practitioners, on the other hand, see acne as a symptom of imbalances in the body’s internal system and whom state that nutrition helps fight acne. The holistic or natural treatment solutions target the issues causing acne as a method of treatment whereas most conventional medical practitioners offer solutions to treat the acne itself, that is, they prescribe medication to suppress the pimples, spots, cysts or acne. The connection between your diet and the development of acne is not easy to pin point but there are several factors that support the formation of acne that can be linked to the food you eat or don’t eat. Only the holistic approach to acne can really determine what foods can trigger or aggravate your acne and what nutritional program would be suitable to follow if you want to get rid of your acne for good. It has been found that there are three major contributing factors to the development of acne in any individual. These are; Hormonal Imbalances Genetic Tendencies Build-up of Toxins in the Body When these three factors exist simultaneously in a person’s body, you create what is referred to as an ‘Acne Environment’. Natural medicine solutions to acne are geared towards controlling these three factors rather than the superficial treatment of the skin’s appearance. Genetic tendencies refer to the way a person’s body reacts to different stimuli and is the main difference between people who are prone to acne and those who aren’t. Hormonal secretions regulate the production of sebaceous oil which when over produced, clog the skin pores and trigger acne. When there are imbalances in hormone production, like during pregnancy and puberty, you are likely to develop acne. Build-up of toxins in your body is directly related to your diet and is the factor that is most easily controlled. Genetic tendencies cannot be controlled externally and hormonal imbalances are also complicated to handle. The good news is that controlling any one of these three factors will result in the elimination of acne from your skin. By taking control of your diet and actively following a cleansing program and maintaining a beneficial healthy diet, you can live without acne for the rest of your life, simply by knowing what gets rid of spots. Dietary Influences on Acne Organs of Elimination The main problem that causes a build-up of toxins in a body is the blockage of the primary organs or channels of elimination of waste. When your body cannot eliminate waste and unnecessary hormones from your body via the normal channels, namely, the liver, bowels and kidneys, it uses alternative routes such as your skin and lungs. When it uses […] Click To Read More »

Fruit For Acne

Is Using Fruit For Acne Fruitful?

This is a news features that discusses eating fruit for acne to help treat the annoying condition. As we all know, eating healthy nutritious and tasty food is always going to pay dividens to our health, but what about the skin, will it help? Instead of wasting a chunk load of money on treatment that carries several side effects, going healthy and natural is the real way to go. Acne is supposed to be an annoying skin condition caused primarily due to hormonal shifts in the body; some other causes could include changes in the environment or allergies. There is a reason why doctors always mention eating fruits and vegetables, it is considered to be the ideal and risk free way to save the skin, and improve your health. You need to make fruits an essential part of your diet since it is the body’s best friend. It holds countless amounts of nutrients and vitamins that will help revive your skin and make it glow. Check out this tasty skin article   We liked the tip for using a certain fruit as a face treatment toner. Not only does it taste delish, but apparently it’s a great toner as it contains salicylic acid which helps to open up the pores. Click To Read More »