Acne Medications Are Not Effective

Why acne medications are not effective at getting rid of acne

This is a great article which goes in to dealing with acne on the inside. There are many things that can cause internal imbalances that trigger an acne outbreak. This article shares some of those issues and what you can do to deal with them.   In the past year, I’ve talked to more than a handful of people who have experienced acne at some point in their life and have [...]

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Acne Medication Drugs

What Are The Benefits & Risks Of Acne Medication Drugs?

This article goes into the known benefits of using acne drugs and medications, but details the risks that also come with them that are not always disclosed by doctors and other skin specialist. In our opinion the risks far outweigh the benefits to using anything like this to treat any skin conditions, including acne. Do not underestimate the dangers of these drugs and medications!   The impact of severe acne [...]

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