Detox With Herbal Teas

Experts recommend a tastier way to detox using herbal teas

Herbal teas not only taste great, but are also very effective for helping with detoxing and cleansing your internal system from inside out. Not only that, but herbal teas such as dandelion, burdock root, green and chamomile tea to name a few, have show to be very effective in helping to treat and get rid of skin conditions including acne due to their cleansing abilities.   Superfoods may not be the only way [...]

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Acne Antibiotic Risks

Antibiotics For Acne – Pharyngitis risk increased by oral antibiotics for acne

This is yet another statistic and reason to avoid using medication drugs and over the counter products to treat health conditions such as acne. This is an interesting study that was conducted to look at the effects of taking antibiotics for acne to treat the skin condition. Patients on such treatments had over four times greater risk of the infection compared with those not taking antibiotics, research showed. Researchers from the University of [...]

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