Enzymes For Acne

Enzymes For Acne – Enzymes are trying to grab the spotlight for acne treatment, but is it worthy?

I found this an interesting read about enzymes for acne which helps the body to break down foods. It is also said that enzyme treatment can help skin conditions. Read on to find out more.   The human body contains two kinds of enzymes: metabolic, which are found in every cell of the body and cause various chemical reactions, and digestive, which are released in the stomach and intestines and [...]

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Yet Another Acne Cream Aimed At Women

Yet Another Expensive Acne Treatment Product Aimed At Women

It seems to me that whenever there is a market for something, an expensive product is created to strip you of your cash, when in reality, you can treat it with a lot less money and using natural products. The treatments below are no exception, they are expensive and, to be frank, are not needed.  As what they contain, can be found in fruits and vegetables.   ACNE is a skin problem most of us [...]

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Diets Nourish Skin Deep

Does Diet Improve The Skin? – Nutritious Diets Nourish Skin Deep

Does diet improve the skin? This is another article that goes into the importance of diet and acne and eating wholesome healthy foods, not only for weight control and having a healthy system, but is also essential for clear healthy skin. In order to achieve flawless, red-carpet-worthy skin, a healthy skin care regimen is vital. Often, what people put into their bodies affects the skin even more than the products they [...]

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Acne Antibiotic Risks

Antibiotics For Acne – Pharyngitis risk increased by oral antibiotics for acne

This is yet another statistic and reason to avoid using medication drugs and over the counter products to treat health conditions such as acne. This is an interesting study that was conducted to look at the effects of taking antibiotics for acne to treat the skin condition. Patients on such treatments had over four times greater risk of the infection compared with those not taking antibiotics, research showed. Researchers from the University of [...]

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Antibiotics In Animal Farming

The Overuse Of Antibiotics and Steroids In Animal Farming Has Alarming Health Threats

This is an intriguing read about the increased use of antibiotics in animals for meat production. One such antibiotic in use is Cephalosporins which was first discovered by an Italian scientist named Giuseppe Brotzu in 1948 and was once used for the treatment of acne vulgaris and p. acne’s but showed little if any efficacy, The only reason they put antibiotics and steroids in to animals are for growth promoters and to prevent and [...]

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