Isotretinoin Doubles The Risk Of Conjunctivitis

Professor states, Isotretinoin doubles the risk of Conjunctivitis

With growing evidence that acne treatments and medications do have side effects and other alarming health implications, doctors and professors are now coming forward and openly stating that certain acne medication treatments do have dangers attached. Read on to get the full story.   Reuters have reported that Isotretinoin can double the risk of eye problems in acne patients. Reuters quoted Dr. Rick Fraunfelder, a professor at Oregon Health and [...]

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Horrors Of Accutane

The horrors of accutane (isotretinoin) continues

With the lawsuits still building up against La Roche and other drug pharmaceutical companies who jumped on the bandwagon in providing generic forms of Accutane, there continues to be a wave of people coming forward who are showing health problems caused by the drug. Read on for the full story.   When Accutane (isotretinoin) was first approved by the FDA as an anti-acne drug in 1982, it was seen as an [...]

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Accutane Side Effects

Known Accutane side effects could be the greatest failure in medical history

This is an interesting article and one we have covered before about the harmful side effects caused by the much controversial acne drug, Accutane, also known as Roaccutane, with its generic name known as Isotretinoin.   Accutane was touted as the miracle acne-fighter in 1982, but since then, thousands of individuals nationwide have sought the advice of an Accutane lawyer because of injuries related to use of the drug. Over [...]

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