Conventional Acne Treatments

People begining to ditch conventional acne treatments in place of natural alternatives

Acne sufferes are moving away from traditional acne treatments and went all out natural. Read this amazing article about someones journey to finding a way to get rid of their acne once and for all.   As someone who has struggled with acne for far too many years, I have spent far too many hours in a dermatologist’s office, hoping for the next magical cure. Beyond that, I’ve spent far [...]

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Proactiv Acne Solution

Proactiv Acne Solution – Is It Worth Your Time

There are many acne treatment potions in the market place, but do they work and if so what are the effects. We know through our own research on proactiv, that it has had mediocre reviews and results with many people complaining of severe drying of skin and pain.   If you are considering proactive as your primary acne treatment, the most common question would be does proactive really work. Proactive [...]

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