The adult acne epidemic and why it is on the rise

Adult Acne Cure


how to get rid of acne naturallyThis article is written by a lady who shares with us the trials, stresses and frustrations she endured trying to find ways to get rid of her acne skin condition. Now at the age of 41 she claims to be acne free thanks largely to a product called proactiv.

We have listed this purely to show the increase in adult acne especially among women and the market size of acne chemical products. We do not recommend using any acne treatment that contains harmful chemicals. Products like this do not treat the cause, only the symptom of acne!


Over many troubled years, my spotty skin has caused me to cancel countless dates, numerous nights out and even much-anticipated job interviews.

Acne dogged my thoughts before I even opened my eyes in the morning. If my worst fears about my skin were confirmed when I looked in the mirror, my day was ruined.

As I entered my 40s, I thought the bad skin which had blighted my life since my teenage years would be long gone.

The global anti-acne industry was worth nearly £2 billion in 2009 alone.

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We feel this article is nothing more than a marketing advert for another expensive acne chemical over the counter product. We do not recommend using any acne treatment that contains harmful chemicals that is found in this product. However, it is your body and you do what you will with it. But remember, despite the claims, acne can be cured 100% naturally.

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