The Power Of Water & Sleep On Acne

The Power Of Water Sleep On Acne1 The Power Of Water & Sleep On AcneDid you know that the amount of water you drink and the number of hours that you sleep have a direct effect on the severity of your acne condition?

Drinking water for healthy skin is not exactly a new phenomenon, but when it comes to helping acne it certainly is breaking new ground.

Indeed, some people may disagree with me on this but before you do; we have to agree that the two are pretty important to life. Just think of what would happen should you stop drinking water or if you miss sleep for several days!

The body takes in water from either the foods we eat or the drinks we take. However, this is not enough water. The body uses a lot of water to run the whole body system. As a matter of fact, 78% of a human being is made up of water! How therefore is this liquid important in the treatment of acne?

If you want to prove that water is important, then, ask yourself how come you will often be advised to use cosmetics that have water listed as part of their ingredients instead of using oil based makeups?

Water can be used as one of the best medicines for acne. As a matter of fact, not only acne but also many other body diseases.

Many people often prefer drinking sugary beverages but this does not help the situation. Not that drinking beverages increases the infection, but for a wise person who has been infected by acne, it is best to drink plain water instead. This is because when water goes into the body system, it helps in purifying your body against impurities and therefore acting as a curative for acne to a larger extent.

Lack of sleep linked to acne! Sleep has also been known to be good medicine for acne. Those who often don’t sleep often suffer not only from acne but also from other ailments. This is because when an individual lacks sleep, the body is not rested and thus its immunity levels are lowered. As a result, the body becomes weak and lacks the capability to fight diseases. Every time you have the opportunity to sleep, do not let it pass you by.

When you sleep, you give the body time to rest, relax and fight off pathogens. Sleeping time is also a time for the body to recover used energy, rebuild broken tissues and rejuvenate. Therefore, in the case of acne infection, sleep will often ensure that the skin has the time to rebuild its ruptured tissues and restore itself. Sleep also gives the body enough time to concentrate in fighting bacteria that would have otherwise aggravated your acne condition.

Lemons for skin especially if used in drinking water are also a great way to deal with probelm skin as its helps to get rid of toxins and helps to neutralise an acidic body which is also linked to acne.

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