The truth about detoxing

truth about detoxing The truth about detoxingIt’s no news to us that ridding your body of toxins and getting your digestive system in good working order will definitely help you to get rid of your acne condition. But what is the best form of detox to follow, is it fasting, colon cleansing, juice fasting or a saline rinse, but more to the point, are they safe and do they actually work? Read this article to find out more.


We live with pollution in our air, traces of pesticides in our food, hormone-disrupting chemicals in our water. We drink coffee and tea and eat sweets, junk food and heavily refined goods with artificial additives. We take medicines. All this, according to some supporters of detox regimes, means a toxic overload for many of us. Undertake a detox plan, they advise, and we can flush, purify and cleanse our bodies of toxic build-up to restore us to perfect health.

The food, beauty and complementary health industries have been quick to react to the trend, launching an increasing range of detox pills, potions, supplements, teas, juices, waters, snack bars, beauty creams, therapies and more that all claim to help. But can all these products really help to cleanse, refresh and rejuvenate you? Or is detoxifying a waste of time and money – or worse, a danger to your health?

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There is no doubt about it, and many skin experts agree that detoxing and removing your body of toxin build up will not only help to get rid of skin conditions but will also make you feel better and more energised. What are you thought and experiences with detoxing?

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