Treat Acne With Lemons

Treat Acne With Lemons1 Treat Acne With LemonsDid you know that as you grow anxious and run to and from the hospitals and doctors, you may actually be leaving your acne treatment in your kitchen fridge?

As much as there are many foodstuffs that are useful in the fridge to make home treatments for clearing the acne condition, the lemon is one of the most effective of these treatments.

Treat Acne with Lemons? I hear you say, but yes you can.

The beauty of lemon juice treatment is that it is simple, natural and very effective. Lemon juice is completely safe with no side effects.

How is lemon juice used for the treatment and cure of acne?

There are two ways in which an individual may carry out lemon juice therapy.

  1. To make a lemon juice drink wwith slices of lemon in luke warm water or just squeeze the lemon juice in to a glass and drink, thats if you can cope with the sharp taste.
  2. Is to wash the acne infected area with warm water and then apply lemon juice onto the face. Leave for five to fifteen minutes before washing off again with warm water.

In either of the two ways, you will notice significant changes in your acne problem within a period of three weeks.

Lemon juice is highly effective on acne because it contains vitamin C and Ala Hydroxy Acid which is a form of citric acid. This acid works by providing a proper environment for the rapid healing of acne infections. It does this by sloughing off dead skin cells and promoting the elasticity of the skin and as such, reduces external and internal skin blemishes. The acid found in the lemon juice also enables the growth of new skin cells from underneath and ensures that the pores are flushed out. As such, lemon juice has come to be known as one of the most effective ways of clearing acne infections.

Drinking the lemon water as descibed above, will completely rejuvinate your skin from the inside out to give a healthy glow to your skin. The other great health benefit to drinking lemon water is that it will flush out toxins from the body. As lemons are also alkaline when ingested, it will help to neutralise an acidic body making your body PH neutral. All this willalso help to giving you a glowing complexion.

While applying lemon juice directly to the skin, you first squeeze the lemon into a small cup; you then look for a spongy clean material to aid you with the application. As such, the use of a cotton ball is recommended such that you soak the cotton into the cup containing the lemon juice after which you dab the cotton onto the pimples. It is advisable to carry out this treatment at night while going to sleep and to wash your face in the morning when you wake up.

A trick that can be good for ladies is that they can apply lemon juice on their faces before applying makeup. However, should you realize that the lemon juice is too strong for your skin; you should make sure you dilute with a little water though don’t over dilute. You will notice major changes in the look of your skin after about two weeks from the day you begin this natural treatment.

Among the women, as well as wearing makeup, did you know that wearing tight clothing causes acne? This may sound ridiculous but it is very true and has been proven.

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treat acne with lemons
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