Can using nothing but natural water help with dry skin?

The wonderful powers of water are doing it again with helping dry skin and helping to keep the skin moisturised. This article goes in to more detail about this underrated natural source for treating skin conditions.


Water Helps With Dry Skin Can using nothing but natural water help with dry skin?In a recent interview, eye health and water advocate Sharon Kleyne encouraged the medical and pharmaceutical communities to pay more attention to the frequently overlooked wisdom that natural water is essential to health and healing – especially in the treatment of dry eye and dry skin….

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It is amazing that most websites that give advice on dry skin conditions make no reference to using water as a moisturisartion treatment. It’s also, maybe not so surprising, that no pharmaceutical company makes a treatment that is nothng but water for dry skin with no added chemical ingredients. I wonder why..!

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  1. Eros says:

    I’ve tried a lot of different over the cenutor and prescription products. I tried Proactiv, it made my skin break out worse because of my sensitive skin. I had acne through puberty and an additional 10 years after which more recently was hormone related. I tried eliminating dairy due to the hormones added which worked for a few days, but the acne came right back as if my body had just adjusted to it. Toothpast helps dry out existing acne, but not preventing it. I had been to a few dermatologists but they just wanted to dry my skin up to the point it was flakey all the time or red with rashes. I did a lot of online research and tested many many products of my own, I can tell you that there is no pill or cream out there that you can use overnight or for a week and it will forever get rid of your outbreaks.I finally discovered something that I believe has not been widely publicized because no company can patent it and make lots and lots of money off of people like you and me. It’s a vitamin called Pantothenic Acid a fancy name for Vitamin B5. Go ahead and Google it you will see a lot of references to curing acne. I was skeptical as with everything, but my skin has never been so soft and clear since I was probably 12 (I’m 27 now).The one thing you have to remember when taking this vitamin supplement is that you must take it in high doses. You can buy it at any vitamin store like GNC, but only buy it in 1000mg (1gm) per pill strength. I found it online the cheapest on Amazon.To start, the recommended program starts you out with 3-5 grams a day for about 5 days. This helps your body get acclimated to the vitamin. You should start to notice a difference after 2 or 3 days, smaller pours and healed blemishes. After 5 days increase your dosage to 10 grams a day. I know it sounds like a lot to take 10 pills a day, but think about how much you want clear skin and that should get you past it (break it up in 3 or 4 doses through the day). The recommended program has you taking 10 grams for 3 months before backing off to 3-5 for maintenance. I actually only took 10 grams for a month and now am just maintaining with 5-6 grams a day and its working just fine. I have missed a few days of pills and immediately started to breakout again so this is one of those things you must be faithful with.Expect to shell out about $25 a month on 1000mg Pantothenic Acid. A small, small price to pay when you think of all the money wasted on the products out there.There are very little negative side effects. The only thing I would recommend is to take 3 pills with each meal, and one with a snack, otherwise you may get a little gas or slight diahrea. Nothing major though and by taking with meals it eliminates that problem.If I was selling this, I would guarantee results, but I have nothing to gain by giving this valuable information out. I hope you try this program and are as successful as I was.

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